Thursday, February 26, 2015

2-24-15 Marc Clair and George Donnelly

Featuring West Coast blogger and podcaster Marc Clair and jury rights activist George Donnelly.

Marc and his Penn State buddies evolved from Progressivism and Neoconservatism to become hard core Paulaholics and tireless champions of freedom.   Hence the name “Lions”.

George Donnelly is an advocate for a voluntarist civil society and for jury right and nullification. He is founder of Shield Mutual - Mutual Defense, Mutual Aid.

Per their website:  “Shield Mutual defends you against government aggression for a low monthly membership fee. We connect you to mutual aid networks and reach out in real time to those fighting the state alone, all while building a collective bargaining power base for an orderly transition to a freer world. “   Click here to learn more.

George is also the founder of the Jury Rights Project .  The Jury Rights Project reached out to prospective jurors to teach them that it their right and duty to protect their fellow citizens from unjust and unconstitutional statutes.

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