Monday, January 12, 2015

11.25.14 Libertarians Meet CopBlock and the New Black Panther Party

Racism, Black Nationalism, violence and police militarization are key topics.  Featuring Divine Allah of Trenton’s New Black Panther Party, Rachel Knight associate member of SNJ GOP and Nathan Cox, founder of

According to their website: “The SOLE PURPOSE of a Panther is to be a REVOLUTIONARY in the Black/Afrikan People’s liberation struggle, and to mobilize the masses towards self-determination.”

CopBlock is a resource for the education of individual rights through the dissemination of different viewpoints and tactics that seek to curtail the all-too-common rights-violations and unaccountability that today exists.

CopBlock founder Nathan Cox is a U.S. Army veteran and an expert on jury nullification. Divine Allah is the New Black Panther Party National Youth Minister and has run for Trenton City Council.

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