Thursday, January 15, 2015

1.13.15 From Landfill to Hallowed Ground

Reflections on Charlie Hebdo, terrorism, 911 and America's role in the world. 

First time authors Frank Marra and Maria Abbate stop by to discuss their upcoming book, From Landfill to Hallowed Ground - The Largest Crime Scene in America.  Frank, who is a former NYPD cop   From Landfill to Hallowed Ground follows the footsteps of Sergeant Frank Marra and the people whose lives were irrevocably changed in the aftermath of September 11. Marra and co-author Maria Bellia Abbate take readers to the Staten Island Landfill, where the largest movable crime scene in America was combed and searched for those buried beneath the twisted metal, steel, and cement. Step into the landfill mire with the New York City Police Department and the volunteers who searched tirelessly, often at great cost to themselves, for the remains of those silenced forever in the ashes.

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