Monday, January 12, 2015

12.2.14 OnFire Radio Meets Dax Ewbank and Officer Randy Sutton

Guests are retired Las Vegas police officer Randy Sutton and Dax Ewbank, liberty challenger for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Oklahoma.  

Officer Sutton discusses the challenges of policing in today's polarized environment.  Dax Ewbank talks about challenging the political establishment.   

Randy Sutton has spent most of his adult life in the service to his communities. He was a Police Officer and Detective in Princeton New Jersey for ten years and then served with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for 23 years. He has the distinction of being regarded as one of the highest decorated Police Officers in the department’s history including awards for Valor, Community Service and multiple Lifesaving awards. He retired at the rank of Lieutenant. He is the author of three popular books published by St, Martins Press in New York. “TRUE BLUE POLICE STORIES BY THOSE WHO HAVE LIVED THEM”,” A COP’S LIFE” and “TRUE BLUE TO PROTECT AND SERVE”.
Sutton was one of the most featured Police Officers on the hit TV series “COPS” and had roles in major motion pictures such as “CASINO” “FOOLS RUSH IN” and “MISS CONEGENIALITY’ as well as co starring in the pilot episode of “LAS VEGAS” with James Caan.    

Ewbank attended Oklahoma State University where he received a degree in Business. He is an IT professional by trade and has worked on bringing internet to rural areas in Oklahoma and now is focused on implementing IT solutions for the healthcare industry. Ewbank’s IT experience has taught him how to implement well-defined solutions into chaotic, bureaucratic situations, which will help him toward furthering the simple principles of Liberty within the halls of our overgrown government.

As a former pastor, Ewbank has a deep appreciation for people of faith and a strong
commitment to his own. Dax is a Christian who understands that the role of the Church and that of the state are as different as the words we use to describe them, and as a statesman will work to limit government to only those purposes that can be justified by his simple platform:

1.    Do everything you have agreed to do.
2.    Do not encroach on other people or their property.

When asked why he decided to challenge Mary Fallin, Ewbank commented, “I could no longer stand by and watch a government that claimed to be “by the people” continually act against the people.” Ewbank continued “So I decided to run a campaign “by the people” in order to give us a choice for a government of the same.” Ewbank is not accepting any donations and has asked that supporters get the word out in whatever creative way they think would be best.

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